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10 FPL Tips for 2022-23 Season

The start of the 2022-23 Premier League is just around the corner and excitement is building for a new season of Fantasy Premier League. As the FPL game grows in popularity, reaching one of those coveted top 10k finishes is becoming increasingly more challenging.

Here are 10 FPL Tips for a successful season.

Say no to short-term performance

The FPL tips for you – don’t judge your short-term FPL performance per game week, judge it over a period of 4-6 weeks. Setting achievable targets keeps long-term planning at the front of your mind and can help keep you motivated during a bad individual game week. The FDR provides an immediate view of the difficulty of forthcoming fixtures for your players.

You can make mistakes and have a good season

Playing the perfect game is impossible, even the FPL winner had nine captain blanks last season. Sticking to your principles and not knee-jerking is the hard part.

Keep it simple

The obvious move is in front of you most of the time. Breaking it down, we make two decisions most weeks, a transfer and a captain with some thought to future game weeks. Don’t overthink it, how often have you over-managed your team?

Anything can happen in one game

When using stats to select players, it’s incredibly rare that the stats will yield the desired outcome in one specific game so don’t bank on it. Over a longer period, it will even out as the variance reduces

Don’t be different for the sake of it

Nowadays, consistency is often the differential. Choose your battles and let others make the purposely differential

Choose your sounding boards wisely and avoid ‘the noise’

Stick to a couple of sensible sources that you trust when seeking advice and always make your own decisions

Don’t skip points

Over-engineering your team by planning transfers in weeks in advance will inevitably lead to missed points. Always think ahead but be flexible and don’t be too proud to backtrack or ‘just get him in’.

Largely ignore team value

Points always increase team value, but not necessarily the other way around. There are no prizes for high team value.

Don’t overplay the chips

A good chip return is worth approx 2.5% of the overall points of a typical top 10k points total. Why would you spend 30%+ of your season and transfers trying to optimize this?

Be comfortable with your decisions regardless of the outcome

And the FPL Tips for you, maybe the most important one. Once the deadline passes you cannot influence anything – what will be will be. Enjoy stress-free weekends, regardless of how your FPL team fared.

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