Dortmund upset at Haaland transfer news circus

Earling Haaland transfer news: Stay in Dortmund? Or not?

This has been hotly debated for more than one year. Haaland himself has made it clear in various ways that he has no intention of staying in Dortmund in the long run. Dortmund, has previously sold a number of stars, including Mario Gotze, Lewandowski, Hummels, Sancho, Dembele and Gundogan, also understands that. But there has been so much rumour about Haaland transfer news for months now that former German midfielder Dietmar Hamann doesn’t like it at all.

The midfielder, who has played for Bayern Munich, Liverpool and Manchester City, sees Haaland’s transfer saga as nothing less than a circus.

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In an interview with German media outlet Bild, Hamann said that it would be better for Dortmund in one way without Haaland. Before Haaland, many players like Lewandowski, Dembele, Sancho, Barrios played in Dortmund who were good at scoring goals.

“I think not only the fans, but also the club and the players at the Haaland circus are upset,” Hamann said. Whether or not Haaland is at Dortmund, the players will score. It has always been. I think Dortmund will do well in the short term without Harland. ‘

Dortmund upset at Haaland transfer news circus
Erling Haaland transfer news

Not only that, but looking at some of Haaland’s activities, Hamann feels that the Norwegian striker is disrespecting Dortmund, ‘he wants to keep people’s attention on himself. Once upon a time there was a solitary “lap of honor” in front of the Tribune (part of the Signal Iduna Park Gallery). His hand-waving, expression — everything seemed to disrespect the supporters. ‘

The former midfielder also mentioned the problem of injury in Haaland, ‘he could not play in many matches due to injury. But you have to remember, Dortmund have lost a lot of matches despite being in the XI. That’s why I think it’s better for him to go to another team. Dortmund will also be able to make a lot of money if they sell him.

Dietmar Hamann
Dietmer Hamann

Hamann believes that some of the players in the team will be able to improve if Harland leaves. Maybe a striker like Danyell Malen will start a good game after Haaland leaving. Not being able to score that properly due to having Haaland. “I believe that with the addition of Haaland, Dortmund will be able to do much better next season with the players they have brought in.”

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