Is the European Super League back?

The European Super League was originally launched last year before it crashed and burned – but it set to be relaunched today, featuring 10 of the major players from last time around.

That’s the dramatic rumour according to Vozpópuli, who say that 10 teams all are on the board once again that will announce the return of the Super League today.

Real Madrid
FC Barcelona
Atletico Madrid
Manchester United
Manchester City
Inter Milan
AC Milan

According to the rumours, the founders have this time decided that the ESL should be an open competition. There is, of course, understandable opposition from many of European football’s biggest leaders to the idea of the competition. 

New European Super League Format:
  • No permanent members
  • Team qualified by results it obtains in league
  • 20 members
  • All leagues will have chance to win a place through qualifying
  • Second league of 20 members
  • Reduced number of matches

The new format of Super League is to abandon the idea of permanent members. From a legal point of view, it would be necessary that the 6 PL clubs – who don’t want to return, as well as Atletico, Inter & AC Milan, agree to this change.

The Super League: “We have heard what fans say and it’s clear they want open access with no clubs being granted permanent membership, and sporting merit to be at the core of the competition. Therefore, we eliminate the concept of “permanent members”.

The Super League continues to work on it’s project. They even sent the proposal to the European Union thinking about the future of European football. The expected launch date for a hypothetical ESL will be when a decision is announced by Court of Justice of the European Union in the case for alleged monopoly headed by Florentino Pérez against UEFA.

In Business of Football Summit UEFA president Aleksander Ceferin has said that clubs are free to enter into a breakaway competition but should they do so they will not be able to take part in UEFA competitions.

LaLiga president Javier Tebas has reportedly claimed the three founding clubs “lie more than Putin. They think that all national leagues must be dumb. It’s an insult.”

Last season, the 12 Super League clubs made a breakaway league that lasted just days, with fans of English clubs in particular protesting outside grounds. Premier League players very publicly opposed the plans and owners backtracked to release apology statements later on.

The European Super League saga start once again, keep your eyes on Football Rabbit for more update.

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