Roman Abramovich is coming forward in the Russia-Ukraine mediation

Roman Abramovich is in a lot of trouble. The gentleman is close to Russian President Vladimir Putin, and has become a thorn in the side of the anti-Russian side. For so many years, Chelsea has been built on sesame seeds, and because of his friendship with Putin, everyone is looking at that Chelsea with crooked eyes.

The House of Commons has called for the removal of Chelsea’s ownership from Abramovich. The Russian billionaire has resigned indefinitely from his role of caretaker Chelsea.

In the meantime, there is a news about owner of Chelsea FC, so that his image will definitely increase a little bit. The Russian billionaire has been called upon to mediate in the Russia-Ukraine war. Abramovich also agreed to the proposal.

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich
Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich Photo: Reuters

Abramovich’s spokesman confirmed the matter. Chelsea owner to play role in Russia-Ukraine peace talks. According to Jewish News, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has requested Roman to help mediate with Russia. “I can assure you, Ukraine is trying to find someone from Russia who can help find a peaceful solution,” they were quoted as saying by Abramovich spokesman. They contacted Abramovich through the Jewish community, asking for help. Since then, Abramovich has been working for a peaceful solution.

The Ukrainian president has been in regular contact with Russian billionaire, saying “although Abramovich’s influence is limited, he is the only person who is trying to help.” We do not know whether his efforts will work, but I can confirm that we are working on the issue with the officials of Ukrainian President Zelensky. They are grateful for Abramovich’s initiative. “

Roman Abramovich is coming forward in the Russia-Ukraine mediation
Volodymyr Zelensky Photo: Reuters

In a recent debate in the House of Commons, MP Bryant Ibrahimovic called on the British government to confiscate his assets and remove him from ownership of the Chelsea club.

Bryant said the leaked documents, which contained information about Chelsea FC owner, did not indicate that the Russian billionaire could own a top football club in England. That’s why two days ago, Abramovich left the responsibility of caring for Chelsea to the Chelsea Foundation. However, members of the Chelsea Foundation have not yet officially taken over.

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