Sergio Ramos Transfer News: Ramos is Leaving Real Madrid Official

Sergio Ramos will leave Real Madrid and tomorrow will be his farewell in a press conference. The decision has been made although Carlo Ancelotti tried to convince him but Ramos will leave.

Many sources have confirmed the news that ramos really is leaving Real Madrid this summer. But which will be his next club. This is yet to confirm but many clubs had shown their interest previously.


Why is Sergio Ramos actually leaving?

According to reports, Sergio Ramos announces tomorrow that he is leaving Real Madrid. The former captain will go to the Sports City and announce his decision less than two weeks before his contract ends. On June 30, Sergio Ramos’ contract with Real Madrid ends, with which there has been no extension agreement. The main reason is  Madrid offered him a year with a 10% discount and Ramos wanted at least two seasons.

Spanis newspaper Marca has also confirmed the news Click here

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