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UEFA EURO 2020 Prize Money Breakdown: How much will the Euro 2021 winner get?

UEFA has revealed the UEFA EURO 2020 Prize Money, including how much the winners will take home. The initial tournament budget of £319m was reduced to £284.55m due to year-long delay and increased costs of hosting matches with reduced crowds.

A record potential jackpot of £24million is on offer for the winner of the European Championship despite a small overall reduction in the prize pot due to Covid-19.

Four years ago, at France 2016, 24 nations were involved for the first time. And despite a warning from some that eight more countries would water down the competition. The tournament turned out to be outstanding and gave some nerve-wracking matches for football fans around the globe.

UEFA EURO 2020 Prize Money
Portugal win UEFA EURO 2016 Edition

UEFA Euro 2020 Prize Money Breakdown

  • Guaranteed group stage fee (per nation): £8m
  • Match bonus: £860,000 per win, £430,000 for a draw (down from planned respective funds of £1.29m and £645,000)
  • Last-16: £1.29m (down from £1.72m)
  • Quarter-final: £2.15m (down from £2.8m)
  • Semi-final: £3.44m (down from £4.3m)
  • Runner-up: £4.3m (down from £6m)
  • Winner: £6.9m (down from £8.61m)

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Do players get part of the prize money?

No, the prize money is awarded to federations. Who might or might not pay a bonus to players apart from their usual salaries. Federations are not obliged by UEFA to share the prize money with players.

However different federations offer bonuses to players for achieving certain objectives for example English FA offered €1 million to every squad member if they win the Euro 2020.



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